What a close to the decade! Is it fair to say that the 2010s were the decade of the customer? We certainly think so. Over the past ten years—and especially in 2019—the evolution of the customer journey accelerated dramatically, pushing enterprises like ours to constantly bring value to customers.

To that end, we worked hard this past year to help our customer base run audits to identify the MindTouch ROI and value metrics they care most about—data points not inherently baked into our product. This included metrics around cost savings, efficiency gains, and revenue generation.

We’re excited to share some of the results (and how you might benefit from acquiring the same metrics).

To drive customer lifetime value, we first had to look inward

We’d like to first share the results of our own audit, which we ran to make sure our so-called value metrics aligned with what we recommend for our customers. To do so, our team conducted extensive audits of our customer experience (CX) and success programs.

This included personally reaching out to accounts and performing in-depth customer experience audits for 20% of our customer base (which serves more than eight million users). We had to find answers to some tough questions:

  • Where were the sticking points and sources of friction?
  • Beyond the content our users were reading and navigating to, what types of content did they need?
  • What questions were our users asking us to help them answer that they weren’t finding on our site?
  • How could we update our information architecture to better align with actual customer needs, not just content analytics and behavioral tracking?
  • How could we tailor content so customers could get the help they need sooner?

Taking this kind of distinctly “customer-first” approach paid massive dividends, especially for our customers, as indicated by a dramatic increase in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 49.

In addition, we were also able to determine the true goal of the MindTouch Success Center, which we revamped to make sure it always helps customers make sure they are on a path to success.

Laying the groundwork for 8,000,000+ users

The process of looking inward and shoring up our NPS provided a lot of perspective. First and foremost, it laid the groundwork for bringing this same value to our customer base, which we did in the form of CX audits.

Through these audits, we were able to identify strategies and starting points for better CX—opportunities to better align around organizational goals—including: 

Getting at real MindTouch ROI

If you’re anything like these companies (and we’re confident you are), you likely keep CX at the top of your list. We want to help you! By working with MindTouch to identify the right data and insights through a careful CX audit, you can identify improvements to your own customer experiences that contribute to impressive bottom-line results.

Here are some of the value metrics and ROI that our customers were able to get after going through a CX audit and addressing the areas in which their experience was falling short:

  • Quantify savings based on cost per ticket: One B2B company estimated that its MindTouch-powered sites were saving them more than $185,000 per year (based on cost per ticket analysis). Another company estimates $11.5 million in savings.
  • Quantify savings based on operational efficiency gains: One B2B software company estimated that its MindTouch-powered sites had saved them more than $4.7 million in annual efficiency gains.
  • Savings from agent efficiency and prevented field service calls: A global B2C consumer goods manufacturer estimated that its MindTouch-powered self-service content was making agents more productive and preventing service calls, saving the company $20 million to date.
  • New revenue generation: A B2C company estimated that strategically adding CTAs to self-service content had helped increase revenue by 8%. 

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