In the world of customer experience, there’s more than one way to shine a penny. Net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer effort score (CES)—each of these KPIs provides useful insights into the customer’s journey. They help us answer questions like:

  • How do customers find our help content?
  • What kind of customer support experience do customers prefer?
  • Are customers searching for content, or do they prefer click navigation?
  • How hard are we making it on our customers to self-serve?

As to which of these KPIs is superior…well…suffice it to say the debate is healthy and ongoing. And the answer is likely to vary from organization to organization.


GetFeedback, a world leader in customer surveys, recently decided to switch from CSAT to customer effort score (CES). GetFeedback helps over 10,000 brands around the world engage their customers and monitor customer satisfaction within the Salesforce ecosystem. As a fellow customer-obsessed company, we are particularly interested in why GetFeedback made this switch. What motivated the company to make a change? And what is it about CES that has since helped GetFeedback improve the quality of customer sentiment, support process, and customer retention?