While KCS® methodology has been around since 1992, it only seems to be picking up steam lately—for excellent reasons! Service and support organizations are realizing impressive ROI from adopting the methodology (properly—more on that below). For example:

The list of impressive statistics could go on and on, for both internal and external use cases. But the trick to successful adoption in any use case is to avoid mistakes that others have already made.

Proper KCS Adoption

Fortunately, now in its sixth published iteration, KCS methodology has evolved based on the experience of those who have been there and learned the hard way. Some of the concepts you will learn in an official KCS v6 Practices Workshop include:

Place goals on outcomes, not activities

Like with most business initiatives, it’s important to know your end goals before you determine strategy and tactics to get there. KCS adoption requires a mental shift and active participation among many people, but placing goals on activities to encourage that participation can wreck your shiny new KCS effort almost immediately.

Collective ownership

Imagine if everyone in your organization felt equally responsible for the efficacy of all published knowledge and customer-facing assets. What if everyone felt responsible for improving collective knowledge with every customer interaction or every new release? I’ll sign up for that!


More is more! We all objectively know that knowledge hoarding is bad and knowledge sharing is good—unfortunately knowledge hoarding is still an all-too-common problem. Fortunately, KCS adoption fosters a culture where folks see the direct benefits of capturing and sharing what they know.

Just-in-time publishing

There are times when you can be 100% sure that an asset will be needed in advance. While the proactive approach seems optimal, it can lead to wasted effort. Why spend any precious resources (especially time!) doing work that might never be needed by users? KCS methodology enables a model of doing work just as it’s needed.

KCS training?

You can learn more through our recent KCS video testimonial from Waters Corporation, but the BEST way to learn is a dedicated workshop to truly immerse yourself in the methodology (and earning a certification can’t hurt your internal credibility—just saying). Learn more about KCS Training options from certified MindTouch trainers.

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