Touchpoints, our easy-to-deploy web-based tools that extend product content into external systems, now include our new Touchpoint for Zendesk. Unlike our legacy Zendesk integration, which required a developer or systems integrator to implement, in most cases, Touchpoint for Zendesk can be used by system administrators right through the MindTouch and Zendesk web interface!

Here is some of the functionality you can expect:

  • Automatically log in to MindTouch while inside Zendesk
  • View the search and view history for your customer so you can personalize your response
  • Instantly view articles matching the subject line of the customer’s ticket
  • Link to relevant MindTouch articles for that case right inside your Zendesk support ticket response
  • Identify needed documentation, enabling Zendesk to deliver a report of required articles to fill knowledge gaps

Bottom line: when you combine the scalability and business intelligence of MindTouch, with the customer service functionality of Zendesk, you have an unbeatable platform to deliver customer success with your products and services. And with Touchpoints for Zendesk, this powerful integration is now easier and more accessible than ever.

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