Part workshop, part challenge and competition—always a rush! This is what the Lambda # Hackathon is all about. Lambda # (λ#, as it is officially known) is a community of passionate technologists. The group is highly focused on Serverless Architecture, .NET Core, and AWS Lambda. And each month, the group hosts a meetup at the MindTouch headquarters downtown.

What is a Hackathon?

A Lambda # Hackathon is an opportunity for people of all ages and skill levels to dive into a variety of coding challenges with MindTouch engineers and other Lambda # members. Unlike traditional hackathons, where attendees are expected to complete some challenge with whatever resources available, Lambda # Hackathons provide direction and checkpoints. Ideally, everyone works to the same solution that one of the group’s engineers has devised.

These are truly hands-on learning events.

Each Hackathon focuses on a different challenge. During Hackathon 26, for example, the group learned how to use GraphQL to create a web API for a relation data store. This past Hackathon was about building a web app with AWS API Gateway and Lambda.

At least it was supposed to be …

Some Very Special Guests!

Hackathon 28 was special for a couple reasons. The topic, Rapid Application Development with .NET Core & AWS Lambda, is of course fascinating—a hot area in cloud software. But whereas Lambda # usually welcomes about ten or so guests, the group was this time joined by a group of about 25 young international entrepreneurs. Most of these guests had very little experience coding, so the group had to improvise its original plans.

Says event Co-Organizer Daniel Lee, “in July, we received an unexpected spike in RSVPs from various countries and thought to ourselves, bots. Then, when all those RSVPs showed up to Hackathon 28 a month later, I said to [MindTouch CTO] Steve Bjorg, ‘I think these bots are alive.’”

As it turns out, the group was from the international entrepreneurial program at San Diego State University. Thanks to their unexpected attendance, the hackathon ended up being a bilingual crash course in AWS and C# lead by MindTouch engineers Katie, Spencer, and Juan.

Photo from Lambda # Hackathon 28 hosted by MindTouch

What fun to see young people so inspired to learn about coding. Surely, they can’t be alone! Anyone is welcome to join Lambda # for its next Hackathon! This is a hands-on event suitable for anyone from developers to passionate beginners—the only prerequisite is a curious mind. Each meeting is focused on exploring a serverless technology by building a service with it. The Lambda # group believes that team collaboration is the most fun way to make new discoveries and master new technologies. It’s also, as it turns out, a great way to make new friends.

Hackathon 28 was a remarkable testament to that!

A collection of photos from Lambda # Hackathon 28 hosted by MindTouch