Should you attend Dreamforce? This is not a light decision by any means (cost, time, ROI), but it does have additional benefits to tutorials for attendees and lead generation for sponsors (see video below for more detail).

MindTouch customer Anthony Kennada, Chief Marketing Officer at Gainsight, knows the conference world intimately. He is responsible for creating and growing the largest Customer Success conference in the world, Pulse.

We sat down with Anthony to ask the reasons why someone should attend Dreamforce, what the salesforce ecosystem has to offer, and where conference after-hour events are being held (e.g., The Customer Focus Effect or Conga Central).

Professional Development

  • Focusing on career development through education, certifications, and networking with people excelling in similar role

Increased Ability to Network at After-Hour Events

  • Informal setting allows you to grow deeper connections at an expedited rate
  • Trending social component; relationships are helping grow conference attendance year over year

Engaging with Sponsors and Partners

  • Salesforce Ecosystem—the ability to leverage Dreamforce as more than just a product event, but a way to support and champion their community

Conferences have Grown from Professional Development to Community Development

  • Fostering an ecosystem of advocates that enable an organic fanaticism to spread

Pioneer Conference Marketing to Engage Across Verticals

  • Dreamforce creates conversation topics that resonate with larger audience driving brand exposure and reach

Social Stewardship – Supporting Local Geographic Community

  • Taking on local issues and helping bring attention to the relief efforts or lack thereof
  • For example, the Dreamfest headline concert (Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz) leveraged to support fire victims with a charitable cause. This helps grow business value and the local community.

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