It’s time once again for the annual MindTouch list of top influencers in techcomm, customer service, customer experience, and knowledge management! As in years past, our goal is to give back to the community based on tools we use to make our business better. We used the nifty Twitter search and reporting service Little Bird to compile lists of the 100 most engaged and connected people in each of the four categories.

Our lists go beyond the influencers you might already know and direct you to the ones you should know. Little Bird calls these influencers the most emergent — they may not be on your radar screen yet, but they will be soon.

We’ll announce the top 100 influencers in customer service, customer experience, and knowledge management in the next few days but let’s get started right now with┬áthe top influencers in #techcomm. Here’s the first 25:

  1. Tom Johnson
  2. Sarah O’Keefe
  3. Scott Abel
  4. stc_org
  5. Bill Swallow
  6. Alan Houser
  7. Anne Gentle
  8. Ellis Pratt
  9. Catherine Hibbard
  10. David Farbey
  11. Thomas M. Aldous
  12. Char James-Tanny
  13. Sharon Burton
  14. Larry Kunz
  15. Matt Sullivan
  16. Arnold Burian
  17. Rahel Anne Bailie
  18. STC Summit
  19. Scriptorium
  20. Michelle Sander
  21. Jack Molisani
  22. Tech Comms
  23. Ivan Walsh
  24. Ben Woelk
  25. Ankur Jain

Additional categories: Customer Experience