The MindTouch team has scouted far and wide for the most inspirational quotes in the customer success space. With a growing number of businesses shifting to a SaaS model, there is no better time than now to discuss the value that customer success has. Check out these twelve bite-sized quotes from top influencers and early adopters in customer success:

1. Guy Letts, Co-founder at CustomerSure

What we love about this quote from Guy Letts is the call to dedicate resources specifically to customer success. As the value of Customer Success continues to be demonstrated, the Customer Success team will continue to expand.

2. Mike Grafham, Customer Success Leader

Ah, some good old empathy can go a long way. Grafham builds on this idea in his LinkedIn post Scaling Customer Success:

What do you want your customers to be doing with your service? What and how much of your service is a ‘good customer’ who renews/upsells using? This moves you on from general ‘get renewals’, ‘get more usage’ or ‘make customers successful’ goals to specific pass/fail criteria to build your CS process around.

3. Brian Gladstein, Co-founder of Explorics

Thought-provoking, isn’t it? Our takeaway? Customer-centrism starts with an understanding that its our customers in the driver’s seat.

4. Kaiser Mulla-Feroze, Cloud and B2B Software Executive

Customer Success is an ongoing effort, one that requires constant attention and, sometimes, retooling and refinement of our approach. Muller-Feroze builds on this idea in his LinkedIn post Customer Retention Cost: A New Metric for the Boardroom:

The key to running any subscription or recurring revenue business is successfully making the shift in mindset from acquiring new customers to retaining, nurturing, and growing existing customers – and keeping them as long as possible.

5. Richard White, CEO & Founder at UserVoice

Again, White is asking us to focus on our customers and how our objectives impact their experience.

6. Jason Whitehead, CEO at Tri Tuns

Noticing a theme here? What you know inside your organization and what the way your customer sees things might be vastly different. Whitehead expands on this thought in his article User Adoption & The 20-Year Renewal:

Your initial sales conversations need to move beyond focusing on the immediate, pressing business problem. Instead, address how you will solve the new challenges that will emerge once the current need is met. Jointly think past the immediate need to what happens next.

7. Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight

Customer Success requires buy-in at the highest levels of an organization. As Mehta points out, it has to become part of the culture, an idea he builds on in 4 Reasons You’ll Miss Your Number Without Customer Success:

In a focused market, if you focus on Customer Success, you will grow fast and efficiently … Unfortunately, too many companies try to make a diving save on Customer Success at that point and it’s usually too late.

8. Karl Wirth, Co-founder & CEO at Evergage

And one lackluster experience can quickly turn would-be net promoters into detractors or even lost customers.

9. Bill Price, President at Driva Solutions

Why? Because it’s the renewal multiplier and it can have long-lasting effects. Price expands on this thought in his LinkedIn post Service Recovery vs. Doing it Right the First Time:

Doing it right the first time is better for customers, and creates more lasting loyalty, than so-called ‘service recovery.’

10. Ken Lownie, COO at Everteam

11. Tom Krackeler, SVP, Products at Zuora

Krackeler builds on the theme of empathy and the long-term importance of Customer Success initiatives in his LinkedIn post 3 Smooth Moves Using The Customer Success Mindset:

Building an easy, self-service SaaS product is of course a good thing. However, taking a hands off approach when your customers are trying to figure out how to use your application and whether to buy it — that’s a lost opportunity, and one that leads to customer churn down the road.

12. Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen Ventures

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