A Different Approach to Help Content

Move beyond the challenges of traditional knowledge software. MindTouch delivers better content experiences with real-time insights and flexibility that scales to give your users what they need.

We Break Down Barriers

Your Support team should not have to change between systems to find fast answers.

MindTouch delivers content where you need it:

  • Inside your ticketing system
  • Within your website FAQs
  • Integrated in your user forum
  • Embedded into your product

We import content from siloed systems into a unified experience that extends everywhere you need information.

Our Reports Make a Difference

Other knowledge solutions offer unreliable data, slow reports, or limited insights.

With MindTouch, track content interactions in real-time so you know what helps your customers most. Clearly see where your support content is failing so you can intervene and reduce costs.

We Provide Expertise for Quick Success

Every company is different and a one-size-fits-all approach seldom works.

Unlike other systems, MindTouch is built to be flexible to your needs. Our knowledge experts work with your team to plan and implement a tailored solution quickly.

Our System Scales Better

Other knowledge base and self-service support tools can only manage a small amount of content efficiently. Our unique approach to structuring content is built to scale without compromising the user’s results or performance.

MindTouch does not need to go offline for maintenance or product upgrades, so your support content is always online.

MindTouch featuring Electrolux

Let’s Supercharge Your Customer Self-Service Experience

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