The Case for Letting Google Find Your Support Content

When customers look for answers, you need to be there. Here’s why public-facing support content is the key to making life easier for your customers.

Start where your customers start

In the world of customer experience, effort is everything. And nothing is more frustrating to a customer than being unable to easily find answers where and when they expect to find them. For many, that means turning to Google or another search engine. To be there when it matters most—to connect novice customers with expert answers—modern enterprises now face a critical strategic decision: keep support content internal, or index that content and make it available in the search engines customers turn to first?

What you’ll learn

How to deliver valuable content in the channels that customers use during post-sale journeys
Basic SEO principles and the definition of a blended help experience
The pivotal role that Google plays in delivering low-effort customer experiences

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