The Case for Letting Google Find Your Support Content

Why public-facing support content is the key to making life easier for your customers

Start where your customers start

Undervaluing how customers seek answers is a critical oversight. To understand why, it helps to examine the place they’re most likely to start: Google.

What you'll learn

How to deliver valuable content in the channels that customers use during post-sale journeys

The pivotal role that Google plays in delivering low-effort customer experiences

Basic SEO principles and the definition of a blended help experience

SEO Support Content Ebook - 570x500-Lander_Img

Future-proof your post-sale experience

The pace of change is quickening, and companies are struggling to keep up. Understanding the important role that support content plays can help organizations avoid creating frustrating journeys for customers who need help, forcing customers to choose third-party content, or leaving them stuck in frustrating echo chambers.

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