Complete Guide to Cornerstone Support Content

Strategies for identifying the content that drives the most value for your customers and your business

All support content is not created equal

Some articles deflect a ticket by helping customers self-solve. Other articles measurably save your company money by preventing field calls. The question is, what is your most important content and why? Understanding this grouping of content—your “cornerstone support content”—is essential to making customers successful and supporting the goals of your company.

What you'll learn

The role of content in supporting your customer journey

How cornerstone support content can unblock and unlock organizational objectives

6 questions that will help you identify cornerstone support content

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Where are you investing your time?

Typically, it’s a core group of 10-20% of support content that is driving 80-90% of results. Understanding which content comprises this grouping helps create internal alignment around business objectives and make life far, far easier for your customers. This is the power of cornerstone support content.

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