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Hitachi Vantara is the information backbone of many organizations in critical industries across the globe. With a dispersed workforce of support and field agents, Hitachi lacked the knowledge management capabilities to create more productive agents and optimize self-service support for customers.

Hitachi had worked with Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) methodology since it was released in 1992, but the knowledge management tools it previously used hindered adoption.

  • It was difficult for agents to contribute knowledge.
  • Hitachi lacked the proper analytics to gauge the effectiveness of its KCS efforts.
  • Making captured knowledge available to customers and agents was a cumbersome process.

Perhaps most important, agents couldn’t create articles based off of the context and results of support tickets that came into the help desk. This made it difficult to adhere to KCS methodology.

After two unsuccessful attempts with other solutions, Hitachi selected MindTouch to remove the barriers that inhibited a wide range of contributors. With MindTouch at the core of its KCS approach, Hitachi can capture and reuse the knowledge that is generated by its employees—including its field agents—for the benefit of employees and customers alike.

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MindTouch provided a way for anyone in the organization to quickly create content in the moment of interaction—a crucial aspect for KCS. Now Hitachi can also track how and when this content is used, providing invaluable insight into the customer’s experience with the products as well as the agent’s contribution to the central repository of knowledge.

In less than a year using MindTouch, Hitachi solidified its KCS culture, raising the amount of cases solved using KCS methodology from around 1% to over 21%. Customers and employees have more access to self-service content because it is being generated through adherence to KCS methodology, which has contributed significantly to ticket deflection:. Hitachi reports more cases being solved through self-service than ever before.

With MindTouch at the core of its KCS approach, Hitachi can capture and reuse knowledge for the benefit of employees and customers.

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About Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is a leading provider of information storage and virtualization solutions for several industries: banking, finance, education, government, and technology companies. Hitachi employs nearly 8,000 people with 350 support agents serving clients worldwide.

Why MindTouch

Throughout the years, Hitachi accumulated a wealth of product knowledge, but the knowledge was stored in PDFs and other pre-internet formats. Hitachi sought MindTouch to put this knowledge to work to reduce the demands put on its Support team, improve ticket deflection, and provide customers a self-service support experience that accelerates user adoption.

Scaling with Busy Teams

Implement a ticket deflection experience directly into your support contact form that automatically leverages your support knowledge to decrease your overall ticket volume.
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