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A Unified Support Experience, Inside and Out

Known for its commitment to ambitious innovation and a human-centered approach to home appliances manufacturing, Fisher & Paykel recently went through a rapid expansion of global operations. Of course, with growth comes growing pains, and the company’s expansion was accompanied by noticeable customer support challenges, both internal and external.

Internally, the company call center was receiving high call volume without the adequate, discoverable content needed to resolve these issues over the phone. As a result, simple issues were frequently misdiagnosed by support agents, who in turn sent field technicians on costly field calls that were largely unnecessary.

Primary internal challenges:

  • High call volume for common issues
  • Unnecessary (and costly) field service calls
  • Inconsistent sources of information

Externally, the company’s reliance on PDF versions of user guides made it difficult for customers to find answers. Because customers could not find the right content via Google Search, or the content they did find wasn’t optimized for their devices, many would turn to third-party websites, thus diminishing Fisher & Paykel’s domain authority. Worse still, even customers who attempted self-service ended up calling in for support.

Primary external challenges:

  • Difficulty searching and finding content
  • Limited self-service resources
  • Outdated documentation

As Fisher & Paykel’s Customer Experience Improvement Lead, Dionne Strickland was tasked with improving this experience by selecting and implementing a new content management and delivery system. Three months after implementing MindTouch, Strickland noticed positive trends in customer experience KPIs—internally and externally—indicating a vastly improved post-sale customer experience.

At a Glance


Organic Search Traffic


Average Time on Site


Bounce Rates


Overall, Strickland has seen a considerable increase in the overall quality of customer engagement: double the visitors to the Fisher & Paykel success center; six times the average time spent on site; and a 50% decrease in bounce rate. Now that support content is structured, tagged, and easy to find, sixty percent of inbound traffic to the Fisher & Paykel self-service site now comes from organic search. Not only are more customers finding authoritative product documentation via Google Search, but Fisher & Paykel has retaken ownership of keyword searches that used to take its customers to third-party sites.

These outcomes have led to a reduction in additional tickets from customers who now self-solve instead, a key internal challenge that faced Strickland prior to implementing MindTouch. Ultimately, MindTouch helped Strickland deliver the seamless and consistent support experience that she and her team envisioned at the outset of this project.

Self-service requires far less effort: not only can customers easily find the authoritative product documentation for their specific search terms, but support agents and field-service workers quickly access the same information.

Fisher and Paykel self-serivce support website mocked up on laptop powered by MindTouch

About Fisher & Paykel

Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has provided innovative appliances and design solutions the world over. With operations in 50 countries—including facilities in Thailand, Mexico, China, and Italy—Fisher & Paykel continues to deliver elegant, highly practical appliances suitable for modern living, all while remaining committed to sustainable production methods.

Why MindTouch

After an ambitious expansion of its global operations, Fisher & Paykel needed to address shortcomings in its customer support experience. By implementing MindTouch, the company was able to unify and organize multiple content sources to create a single, easy-to-search, highly dependable knowledge base that both customers and support agents can depend on.

Self-Service at the Speed of Scale

Improve post-sale customer experience and call center inefficiencies with your branded and authoritative product documentation.
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