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A Centralized Support Experience that Lowers Customer Effort

Conga recently identified operational efficiency as a key “operational pillar” to focus on as they scaled their business. Central to operational efficiency at Conga is customer support; to achieve its strategic objectives, the company needed to consolidate and automate their self-service content—both internal and public-facing.

Their motivation was twofold:

  1. Enable internal support employees to be more successful while managing customers
  2. Enable customers to find the product help they need throughout the customer journey

Before deciding to make a change to its knowledge base, Conga hosted help content and PDF user guides in a variety of homegrown portals. And though this setup kinda sorta worked, internal employees and customers were frustrated by the inability to navigate to the content they needed. Authoring and updating content took too much time, and the ability to do so was limited to only a few people. The company soon understood that this was not a sustainable customer experience, especially if they hoped to continue scaling support operations. They needed a scalable knowledge base solution, and turned to MindTouch to deliver it.


Fast forward to nearly eight months with MindTouch in place. Thanks to a single portal for customer support, customer education, and partner management, the Conga team now has data-driven insights into customer behavior. Namely, they can see what kind of support content their customers are searching for and how they’re consuming it—before, during, and after submitting a case. Instead of being tied to product iterations, the content experience is now based on how customers implement and customize their Conga solutions, independent of product releases. And Customer Support can now link articles directly to cases, then leverage MindTouch analytics to inform Conga’s ongoing root cause analysis efforts. All of this useful content is available across Conga’s various customer touch points, including in-product, support ticketing, and their customer relationship management interface. With smarter content comes improved customer success.

For Conga’s customers, a single look and feel across all customer-facing digital assets has vastly improved customer confidence through navigation. This improvement is underscored by a significant uptick in ticket deflection. Within the product itself, Conga can now link to contextual help at certain touch points, which helps keep the user interface clean and easy to use. “More than anything, [our customers] want to be able to take care of themselves,” says Doug Rybacki, Chief Product Office at Conga. “They want to be self-enabled. They don’t want to have to pick up the phone to call customer support.” And as Rybacki has seen with new product releases, improved customer confidence leads to higher rates of adoption.

Overall, it now requires less effort for customers to find useful support and best practices no matter whom they’re interacting with, be it the support team, customer success, or otherwise. And improved customer effort, loyalty, and trust are crucial to growth-stage companies like Conga, companies that need scalable support to meet the demands of their rapidly expanding user bases.

Watch the brief video below and learn more.

About Conga

Trusted by over 8,000 customers worldwide, Conga delivers innovative solutions for accelerating sales processes, ensuring compliance, and improving data-driven insights. As the number one paid application on the Salesforce AppExchange, Conga has years of proven experience improving efficiency throughout the entire business lifecycle in Salesforce.

Why MindTouch

After a multitude of acquisitions, Conga was looking to centralize its support experience as part of its ongoing operational efficiency initiatives. MindTouch provided an intelligent knowledge base solution that improved customer effort and agent enablement across the entire customer journey. With a single portal, Conga delivers consistent support content across the board, which empowers its customers to spend less time seeking support content and improves customer effort scores (CES).

Self-Service at the Speed of Scale

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