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Growing Pains Into Stellar Support KPIs

Meraki (a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco) was experiencing hyper-growth that placed a strain on customer operations. As the business enjoyed exponential growth in customer acquisition, the Customer Support team could not scale as quickly. The team evaluated various knowledge management and federated search technology to improve efficacy.

Todd Nightingale, SVP and General Manager, along with the Cisco Meraki team, sought to measurably lower customer effort for self-service and improve support agent efficacy. The Documentation Manager, Joe Lodin, lead the selection process and was tasked with solving the scaling challenges faced by the Customer Support, Training, and Customer Success departments.

The best approach for Meraki’s objectives proved to be structured microcontent that is highly consumable, findable, and easy to layer across the customer journey.

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Before MindTouch, Cisco Meraki maintained various silos that included a file-based documentation center, a training center, and a support agent knowledge base with maintenance and scalability issues. Joe Lodin and the team were pleasantly surprised to be able to unify these three systems into a central repository that publishes various content types into one self-service experience.

Throughout implementation, the team focused on efficacy for employees (support agents, partners, and technical sales resources) and external customers (existing clients and potential buyers). They measured success with self-service metrics, including ticket deflection and agent performance. The outcomes exceeded their expectations.

Specifically, Cisco Meraki decreased ticket escalation, which directly impacted cost. The more expensive Tier 2 and Tier 3 resources received less escalations. The team’s ability to scale improved because ramping up new Tier 2 and Tier 3 agents is particularly costly and time-consuming.

The biggest surprise to Cisco Meraki has been the ability to capture market share. With only 1,051 pages of public content, Meraki is capturing the most coveted search terms for prospective buyers! While organic search traffic was not an original objective, authoring content in MindTouch and incorporating a Content Experience Maturity Model has had a profound impact on new revenue and cost savings.

Meraki originally deployed MindTouch to more effectively scale and decrease the cost of supporting their customers without sacrificing support quality. They achieved their original goals and more, resulting in the business measurably driving new customer acquisition.

With only 1,051 pages of public content, Meraki is capturing the most coveted search terms for prospective buyers!

Cisco Meraki self-serivce support website mocked up on laptop powered by MindTouch

About Cisco Meraki

Founded in 2006, Cisco Meraki is an IT industry leader with over 230,000 global customers and 3 million network devices online. Meraki solutions include wireless, switches, security, EMM, communications, and security cameras, all managed through a web-based dashboard that allows customers to identify and exploit new business opportunities while reducing operational costs.

Why MindTouch

Meraki selected MindTouch because the team determined that improving content findability would lead to the strongest return on investment. Traditional knowledge management and knowledge base vendors are overly focused on just the agent experience and offer inferior self-service support. Federated search solutions sift through PDF libraries or across disparate repositories instead of providing the best unit of helpful information.

Self-Service is Easy With MindTouch

Capture knowledge and organize it with easy-to-use templates. Automatically publish Google-friendly content to fuel the micro-moments that matter to your customers.
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