Biamp Uses MindTouch to Attract and Retain Customers

How this global audiovisual systems supplier used the MindTouch knowledge management solution to increase customer satisfaction and efficiencies.

Biamp Uses MindTouch to Attract and Retain Customers

At a Glance

Biamp, a global provider of high-end audio/video systems, was growing fast, which was making it challenging for its tech support staff to continue providing the kind of high-touch service its customers required. To scale cost-effectively, the company knew it needed to offer customers a self-service option. Biamp had no structure or process in place, however, to quickly create and manage content for self-service, or to ratchet up its content for assisted service.

To solve this problem, Biamp selected the MindTouch knowledge management platform. It chose MindTouch for the platform’s ability to scale, and also for its logical content organization, search capabilities, and multimedia support.

Since deploying the MindTouch platform, Biamp has reported improved customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and increased operational efficiencies. The company’s MindTouch-powered tech support site, called “Cornerstone,” is now touted as an industry-leading source of knowledge for everything A/V-related. Biamp has used this to establish itself as a thought-leader, which has helped it attract more customers and given the company a critical competitive advantage.

Company: Biamp
Headquarters: Beaverton, OR
Year founded: 1976
Number of employees: 500
Industry: Manufacturing


For more than 40 years Biamp has offered innovative audiovisual systems that are today installed at companies located in over 100 countries. To stay competitive and meet customer demand, the company had aggressively invested in both organic growth and growth through acquisitions.

“We’ve got a high-end product line built for extensive customization,” says Kiley Henner, Director of Customer Experience for Biamp. “As a result, our customers rely heavily on our tech support team to solve complex issues—from design to debugging. As we grew faster and faster, however, providing that kind of high-touch support was increasingly challenging.”

At the time, Biamp was using a rudimentary ticketing system, along with various manual feedback loops and reports from sales, customers, and engineering to collect knowledge that tech support could use to assist customers. The company’s main method of delivering knowledge was via PDF “tech notes” that it posted on its website, as well as through phone and email communications with customers.

Biamp knew it needed a faster, more effective way to produce and disseminate knowledge, while also enabling customers to self-serve to maintain its excellent reputation for high-touch support.

“Our tech support team had a ton of tribal information,” Henner says. “Some of that was already in PDF and Word documents. But we needed a structure and process to make these easily searchable for customers. We also needed a way to create a lot more content faster.” 

Biamp set out to find a knowledge management system that would make it easy and fast for its global tech support team to author and publish content for both customer self-service and assisted service.

Rapid growth challenged tech support staff
to continue providing high-touch service

Manual knowledge management strategy
prevented effective self-service

Lack of structure and process
resulted in slow content creation


Biamp ultimately chose the MindTouch knowledge management platform based on its scalability, content organization, and search capabilities. 

“The MindTouch knowledge management platform enabled our entire global tech support team to be part of the authoring process, plus it offered a review process for quality control,” Henner says. “It also supported multimedia content, and it provided an intuitive structure to logically organize content while giving us robust search capabilities. It just checked every box.”

Today, the company’s entire global tech support team of about 30 people are designated content authors. Tech support staff use the content to assist customers and to more quickly onboard new staff. Content is also made available for customer self-service through Biamp’s online tech support site called “Cornerstone.” Biamp customers, who are global distributors and systems integrators, use the site to access documents, photos, videos, and webinars that help them learn about, configure, and troubleshoot the company’s A/V products.

Since launching the MindTouch-powered Cornerstone site, monthly page views have gone from about 15,000 to about 75,000.

MindTouch-powered Cornerstone
tech support site for customer self-service

MindTouch knowledge management
platform for assisted service


Since deploying the MindTouch platform, Biamp has seen organic website traffic increase. “With organic traffic to our Cornerstone support site increasing about five times that of traffic hitting our general website, it’s clear that MindTouch is playing a vital role in customer acquisition and retention,” Henner says.

Biamp has also seen customer satisfaction improve. “While we didn’t have customer satisfaction metrics prior to deploying the MindTouch platform, today our net promoter score is high, averaging in the mid-70s,” Henner says. “Given that a good chunk of NPS survey respondents are technical folks in need of support, we can say that the MindTouch solution has contributed to our high NPS. In addition, we’ve seen multiple customers give positive feedback about Cornerstone in our surveys.”

Biamp has also reported increased productivity and operational efficiencies. “By having more knowledge at their fingertips, our tech support staff are now able to handle calls faster,” Henner says. “Given that we see many more page views on the Cornerstone site than we’re seeing support cases, we can assume that the MindTouch solution has also helped increase case deflection. That means we can help more customers with fewer people, which is a huge operational benefit from both an efficiency and cost perspective.”

While Biamp expected customers to use its Cornerstone site for break/fix issues, it was surprised to see it being increasingly used for general industry information.

“We’ve got a ‘General A/V Topics’ category on our Cornerstone site and we’re seeing more and more customers using that area to get smarter about the A/V industry,” Henner says. “That’s a huge win for us because it means customers are looking to us as a thought leader that’s moving the industry forward by sharing innovative tech ideas.”

Overall, Biamp sees its Cornerstone site as a competitive differentiator. “Our sales team uses the MindTouch-powered Cornerstone support site as a talking point with prospects to show them the benefits of having an industry-leading knowledge repository at their disposal,” Henner says. “It’s definitely given us a competitive advantage by helping us win new business.”

Improved customer satisfaction
as a result of effective self-service

Increased productivity
improved operational efficiencies, and reduced costs due to faster access to content and higher case deflections

Increased customer acquisition and retention
through competitive differentiation

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Biamp is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audiovisual installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service. A recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Global Installed Audio Conferencing Enabling Technology Leadership Award, Biamp is dedicated to creating products that drive the evolution of communication through sight and sound. Founded in 1976, Biamp is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, with additional offices around the globe.

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